Sing With Thrice

Hey friends.

We are in the middle of recording our 10th studio album and we need your help on one of the new tunes.

Some of you have undoubtedly experienced being marginalized and discriminated against based on your race, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or something else entirely.
Others of you I’m sure come more from of a place of privilege but feel compelled to stand alongside those who are experiencing oppression in it’s many forms.

Whoever you are, if you are passionate about creating a better world and fighting to secure equal rights and opportunities for all people, then we would like to invite you to sing along with us for the chorus of this new song.

If you are interested, read on for instructions on how to record yourself. And no, you don’t have to be overly tech-savvy.


  1. You’ll need 2 devices. Either a computer/tablet and a smart phone, or smart phones, etc. Get creative. Grab a friend and share help each other out.
  2. You’ll be plugging headphones in to one device, whatever is not handheld. This is the device you will watch/listen to the video below to so that you can sing along.
  3. Your second device, ideally a smart phone, will be used to record yourself. You are using headphones so that we don’t hear what you are singing along with, but will only hear your voice.
  4. We’d love to see your face as you sing and maybe use it for a video or something at some point. So the best way to record yourself for a variety of reasons is just using the video app on your device to capture video and sound. Hold it out in front of you selfie-style, and put your face in the middle of the frame. Try to make sure your background isn’t too busy if possible.
  5. Do this somewhere remotely free from other noise (cars, dogs barking, etc.)
  6. Make sure you clap visibly and audibly when Dustin counts 1-2-3-4-Clap! Clap on the clap. You can set your phone on something to do this, and then you’ll have a few seconds to get in position. This clap will help us sync all the voices up.
  7. The words are easy and you’ll pick up the melody in no time. “And we’re not gonna sit in the dark anymore. No we’re not gonna sit in the dark anymore.” See, you already memorized it.
  8. Dustin will sing it twice through and we will probably pull your voice from the second time through so you are nice and warmed up.
  9. Don’t be shy, you don’t need a great voice to join in. We will be mixing all the voices together and it will sound awesome.
  10. Once you record your video, scroll down and agree to the terms and continue on to the second page where you’ll sign a waiver and upload your video. You’ll be able to upload directly from your device.

Submission Deadline: Sunday March 25 Midnight EST